Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions and Allergy Warnings
All sales and deposits are final and nonrefundable. No refunds or exchanges will be excepted. Please note that some orders may contain items and or ingredients that are non-toxic and not FDA approved. Items may contain support structures such as toothpicks, floral wire, cake boards, PVC, straws, bamboo sticks etc. These items must be removed prior to consumption.
Snob Creationz will not be held liable for any sickness or injury that may occur after the balance is paid and order is received. Snob Creationz will not be responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items once orders has been shipped and/or passed on to the receiver (customer/shipping company). During transport of all orders great care and precaution is required to ensure product is not damaged during transportation, as we are not liable after it leaves our premises.
Please be advised that our products may have come in contact with or contain peanuts, tree nuts, traces of other nuts or seeds, milk/dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, gluten, chocolate, fruit, coconut and almond. May contain other allergens due to shared production areas. Please contact us for the ingredients used in your selection before ordering.